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Verizon PrePaid
NEW Verizon Prepaid Montly Plans! All prepaid include Unlimited Talk and Text!!

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Plans and Pricing

Plan Access Talk Text Data
Basic 300 $15.00 300* 300* N/A
Basic Unlimited $30.00 Unlimited Unlimited N/A
. . . . .
Smartphone WiFi $30.00 Unlimited Unlimited N/A
Smartphone 3GB $40.00 Unlimited Unlimited 3 GB
Smartphone 7GB $50.00 Unlimited Unlimited 7 GB
Smartphone 10GB $60.00 Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB
Smartphone Unlimited Data $80.00 Unlimited Unlimited UNL

* The 300-unit plan includes a combination of up to 300 total voice minutes or text or multimedia messages sent or received.
Moto G
Motorola Luge
Samsung Gusto III

*Your minutes expire at 12:01 a.m. on the day stated at the time of replenishment.

Important Information:

All terms, conditions and obligations of the Prepay Wireless Service Agreement shall govern the terms of your service. Customers must replenish their account by providing Verizon Wireless with another payment. Your balance may not exceed $1,000 and you may be prevented from replenishing your account if it reaches $1,000. Verizon Wireless reserves the right to terminate service if the account contains a $0 balance, at which time up to a $35 account activation fee may apply to re-establish service.

Toll and airtime free numbers are 911, #PAY (#729) and *611. Service limitations apply to Caller ID. To block the transmission of your number and name, *67 may be used. No charge for busy or unanswered calls on the Verizon Wireless INpulse Network. Each partial minute is billed as a full minute increment, so that account balance will be depleted in full minute increments. Charges for calls that connect begin when you press SEND, while placing a call, or upon connection to the system. On incoming calls, charges may begin before the phone rings and before you press SEND to receive the call. Charges end when the call disconnects from the system, which may be a few seconds after pressing the END key. Verizon Wireless calling plans, rate areas, agreement provisions, business practices, procedures and policies are subject to change as specified in the Prepay Wireless Service Agreement. Our liability is significantly limited. Please read and understand the Prepay Wireless Service Agreement before activating or using your phone.

Some Verizon Wireless services and features require specific handsets or equipment and may not be available for use on the INpulse service. Two-way messaging requirs a CDMA or dual-mode-capable phone. Included features and services may not be available when outside the INpulse Coverage Area. Picture Messaging, Video Messaging, New Every Two?, Mobile Web, Extended Warranty, Wireless Phone Protection, Total Equipment Coverage, Roadside Assistance, Detailed Billing and Enhanced Voice Mail are not available on the INpulse plan.

IN Calling

If Caller ID is not present or Caller ID is initiated, IN Calling does not apply to incoming calls and will apply to outgoing calls only. IN Calling is not available to customers whose wireless exchange restricts the delivery of Caller ID or with fixed wireless devices with usage substantially from a single cell site. IN Calling does not apply to data usage, calls to check your voice mail and calls to Verizon Wireless customers using Airfone Service or any of the VZGlobal services.

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