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You''re having problems with your computer? Viruses and spyware crawling over your computer not letting you enjoy it''s full potential or even damaging its files or data?

No problem!!!

Just call us or bring your computer to our store and we will help you get rid of those nasty popups or "blue screens". We can also help you upgrade your computer or even build a new one.

Computer is a very complicated machine. It''s recommended that you do system reinstallation at least once per year if not more often. In time there''s lots of useless garbage that you are unaware of in your system registry and even on your hard drive left from installing and uninstalling old applications, or simply using internet. That useless registry entries and/or files are making your machine slow and unefficient. Sometimes, in order to remove that garbage you would need a programmer who wrote Windows, that''s why reinstallation is easier and quicker way... You don''t have to buy a new computer if it''s running slow, sometimes proffesionally done tune-up or a little upgrade could help keep some money in your wallet.

That''s where we come in! We can do almost everything with computers for reasonable prices

Desktop / Laptop

Estimate/Checkup ( Paid Up-front / NON-returnable )
$40 / $40
Spyware & Virus cleanup (NO WARRANTY!!!)
$60 - $70
Data Backup up to 4GB

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